Calling All The Nations TV shows 
Season 1

EPISODE 1:  El Salvador Part 1.    
Watch as we take the Gospel  into one of the most dangerous countries in the Western Hemisphere.   With one of the highest murder rates per capita, this is a place that needed the hope of Jesus and God used our ministry to reach thousands for Jesus Christ.
EPISODE 2:  El Salvador Part 2.   
Hear amazing testimonies from Salvadoran students and professors who received Jesus Christ at our college evangelism outreach events in San Salvador. 
EPISODE  3:  Haiti
Over 400,000 orphans live in Haiti, one of the most poor countries in the world.  This episode we take you into this country where we shared the Gospel with over 2,000 people.  See footage of a church without walls that exists 7,000 ft high in the mountains of Haiti.  
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EPISODE 4: Dominican Republic
This episode features two different evangelism tours we did in the Dominican Republic.  Hundreds of people received Jesus including adults, teens, and children.  
EPISODE 5: Sierra Leone
We had the opportunity to travel to Sierra Leone, West Africa. This episode features amazing footage from our evangelism tour where we shared the Gospel with street orphans, villagers, and schools.  
EPISODE 6: India Part 1
Over 1.2 billion people live in India, and most are lost without Jesus.  Watch footage of when we sent into remote Andhra Pradesh to share the Gospel with villagers, many of which had never heard the Gospel.  
EPISODE 7: India Part 2
 Watch how God used our open-air Gospel Crusades and village outreaches to bring many in a remote village into a born-again relationship with Jesus.   Over 1,700 Indian villagers received Jesus Christ on this evangelism tour!
EPISODE 8: Uganda
Mpigi, Uganda has the largest Muslim population in the entire country.  We were invited to come and do an evangelism crusade and watched hundreds of Muslims turn to faith in Jesus Christ in just a few days.  We also planted a Christian church in Mpigi.  Watch this episode to see what God did in Uganda!
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